Crossing Paths with Cats

This blog is not about cats.
They may, however, appear from time to time.

Hello, my name is Cate.

In August 2016 I met a wonderful group of writers, we came together to learn, and to spend a stress free week exploring and experimenting with our writing.

It was a glorious week, and of the many things I took away from the week, one was to begin to write my own blog.

My life is a story

I aim to describe events and experiences from my life that will entertain the reader. As I meander through time, landscapes, retelling stories of the people I have met along the way, I am hoping that you, the reader, will kindly support, advise and critique my writing as we go along.

One aspect of this blog will be to act as a diary of sorts. I am not a diary writer, many a time I have bought a beautiful new diary, with the intention of detailing my life as it unfolds, and that’s the problem, as life events happen I’m too caught up to write about it.

This brings me on to memory, which is a whole blog site in itself. Suffice to say my memory, which I “believe” to be a precise recollection of events, or merely my imagination, will be fuelling my tales.

‘Crossing paths with cats’, is also a space for me to share my ideas for future projects, and would welcome your input and feedback.

My first eighteen months was spent living in Elm Grove, Brighton. Today I am living in Cork, Ireland.

My journey from Brighton to Cork has found me living in California, London, Sheffield and Northumberland, and visiting a smattering of places in between.

My working life has been spent mainly in education, and in particular within the Early Years, children aged three to five.

Moving to Ireland in 2021 was a surprise. Growing up with two much loved Grandmas’ one who was born in Donegal, the other in Wicklow, and listening to their stories of childhood, I had, from a very young age, dreamed of moving across.

An unintended consequence of the past two years has found me nestled in rural Cork.

- Calderdale Valley, West Yorkshire - Arvon Centre -
- View from Arvon Centre -

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